Heartaches of ready made curtain
By Nurisa J.

1. Length of curtain

Length of curtain

It is very easy to do a miscalculation on the length of the curtain. The material of the fabric could have creases and wrinkles that shortens the fabric. The tracks, brackets and mounting needed to secure the curtain add certain margin to the length. 

Some fabrics look good on initial installation, only to be shortened after a wash. If you ordered a curtain that is too long, it would hang sloppily over that beautiful living room.

2. Width of curtain

Width of curtain

Fabrics used for curtains are appreciated for their natural and soft aesthetics. These same properties often means the width of the curtain would differ from the measurement once its hung up. 

There is also overlapping to consider, when the curtain on the left overlapped with the right. 

Often the underestimation of a curtain width is the most common problem when buying a ready made curtain. The curtain would leave a gap between the side, this causes privacy issues, light leak and unsightly aesthetic feel.

3. Colors


This is by far, the most unexpected problem that home owners would faced when buying ready made curtains. The colors of the fabrics that appear on the website would be different when its installed. 

Remember there was a viral posts about whether the dress is white and gold or blue and black? The image above demonstrate this peculiar scenario. On the left of the image, a cool light source was shined on the curtain, on the right the light source is the sun. If you wanted green, you would be shocked to find that you just bought a blue curtain and vice versa.

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