Sheer Curtain Styles and Designs to Fall in love with in 2022

In the mid-18th century, most sheer curtain designs were plain white curtains that complimented thick, luxurious velvet curtains. The lightness and flow of their translucent white cloth gave rooms a graceful and elegant touch, completing a room’s magical grandeur.

If homeowners wanted to try something different, these changes would be added on or minimal. For example, some fabrics were embroidered with intricate patterns or nature-based designs, while others used lace curtains to get a more transparent and intricate look from their sheer curtains.

However, since then, we have moved on from this traditional image. You can find sheer curtains with carefully chosen colour tones, printed pictures, large line patterns, various textures and much more. It’s incredible to see the creativity sprouted in the last few decades.

Now that we have broken out of the box that held back our creativity, how can we incorporate these fantastic design trends into our home?

This fashion article will show you the latest sheer curtains designs of 2022 and how you can use them in your homes.

1) Don’t go for solid over sheers. Go for sheers over solids instead!

One of the most classic curtain arrangements is layering a solid curtain over a sheer curtain. When you layer a solid over a sheer, you will have two fabric layers with different thicknesses. This gives you optimal control over light and privacy, making it perfect for modern homes.

However, sheer over solid can also achieve the same functions while leaving more room for flexibility in design. That is why, in recent years, more people are choosing sheer curtains over solid curtains!

Some people have used the solid curtain as a backdrop for patterned sheers or sheer with full pictures, giving off a fun vibe that is great for children’s bedrooms or playrooms!

source from Pinterest
source from Pinterest

(However, if you choose to do this, make sure the patterns and pictures don’t compromise the sheer curtain’s functionality.)

Others have tried tying plain sheer curtains like pillars or hanging sheer curtains like scarfs off the rod to get fresh, elegant designs.

Since this popularity is relatively new, plenty of sheer over solid designs have yet to be discovered. So, don’t be afraid to get creative!

2) The classics are still in style. Choose white sheers – with lace.

Even up till today, most homeowners choose white or light grey sheers for their homes.

That’s because most modern designs prioritise simplicity and functionality over design. Sheer curtains do more than block out intense heat and sunlight; they also act as a filter that diffuses sunlight.

If any colour aside from white and grey were used, they would tint the light with the same colour as the curtain. So, for example, if you use a blue sheer curtain, your room will be lit by blue light.

While the colour of a sheer curtain can show interesting visual effects, it can also change the colours of the floors and walls in ways you do not expect! For example, blue light can give a white room a cooling, relaxing effect, but if the room is painted orange, there will be horrible colour clashes.

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source from Amazon

Sheer curtains are typically not the main features of homes, so they don’t need to be too complicated. Adding more designs than necessary would also bring attention away from other feature furniture in your room, such as the sofa or your dining table.

If you want to add more designs to your sheer curtains for more character, you can go back to traditional design roots. Embroidered designs and lace curtains are still in trend as they give natural warmth to your modern homes. However, they should be minimal to keep the humble aesthetic.

3) Try light colours or a mix of them!

Yes, I know what was said before: using white and grey sheers is preferable to get the most use out of your curtains. However, you don’t always have to compromise design for functionality!

Art and design are also about breaking existing art rules to try new things. So long as it doesn’t disrupt the way you live or use your curtains, you can go with any design you want.

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But because of the filter effect, you must be careful when choosing sheer curtain colours. First, you need to use a very thin sheer material. Thinner materials have more holes that allow more natural light to pass through, reducing the filtered colour effect.

Next, you will need to see what colours suit your room the best. Blue sheer curtains will work well if your home has warm colours because its blue light can balance the colours and give the room a more comfortable feel.

However, the best rooms to hang coloured sheer curtains are white, grey and black rooms. Because these colours are like blank slates, there won’t be any colour clashes.

Finally, you need to choose your colours wisely. Dark colours will block out more light, while rich, bold colours would give natural sunlight a stronger colour tint. Therefore, the best colour options are light, subtle colours that would blend well with your environment.

An excellent example of coloured sheers fabrics is the Arcadia collection. This collection has a lot of light-coloured hues, including pink, blue and brown. They also provide darker shades if that is what you prefer. It is also made from very thin polyester, making it breathable and light. Check out the Arcadia collection and other sheer fabrics in our catalogue: here 

You don’t have to stick to one colour either! Ombre curtains have also gained popularity over the years for their beautiful gradient. If you want to get your own set of ombre sheer curtains, make sure you choose curtains that have mostly light or white colours on the top half. Colour filtering can happen in ombre sheers too!

Collection Arcadia

4) Use significant patterns.

If you want to add patterns to your sheers, use big patterns. They can be nature-based patterns, geometric or pure lines; so long as they are big, they will do wonders for your sheer curtains.This is because smaller patterns have much more visual stimuli, giving off a ‘busy’ appearance that can tire out the eyes. On the other hand, bigger patterns are much more relaxing for the eyes.The only exception to this rule is lace and embroidery, which look better along hems of curtains or as small details.

The direction of your patterns can also give different visual effects. Horizontal patterns make your windows or doorways look wider, while vertical patterns make them look taller.

source from Pinterest

5) Add on beautiful tiebacks.

You don’t always have to alter the fabric to get beautiful sheer curtains.

Sometimes, you just need to add something to make your sheer curtains pop.

Tiebacks are the perfect way to add subtle yet significant changes to your sheer curtains without replacing the fabrics. Because sheer curtains are lightweight, they can be held back by any string: rope, ribbons, lace, wires etc.

Get creative with your tiebacks! You can find plenty of tiebacks on online shopping platforms. You can even DIY a few of them! It’s also a cost-effective way to design with sheers for different occasions. Just make sure your tiebacks can hold up the cloth well.

Design tip: Tiebacks aren’t the only thing you can add to a sheer curtain. Add fairy lights on the rod of the curtain. This gives your curtain a dreamy light effect. It is perfect for Christmas and girls’ bedrooms!

source from Pinterest

Design tip: Tiebacks aren’t the only thing you can add to a sheer curtain. Add fairy lights on the rod of the curtain. This gives your curtain a dreamy light effect. It is perfect for Christmas and girls’ bedrooms!

6) Eyelets sheer curtains create even waves which are great for modern homes.

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If you love home decoration and want to change your fabrics regularly, then you should use eyelet sheer curtains!Eyelet sheer curtains have become more prevalent in recent years due to their beautiful, even curves. Eyelet curtains have rings embedded into their fabric called eyelets. When these eyelets are threaded through a rod in an alternate pattern, they form deep, clean and crisp folds that cover the entire curtain. These curves suit the simple aesthetic of modern homes.


Eyelet curtains are also easy to assemble, making them easy to maintain, clean, and design. The curtains are also reasonably priced for designers on a budget too!

In the case of sheer curtains, the folds of an eyelet curtain prevent the sheer from flying off during strong winds!

Learn more about eyelet curtains in our article here: Eyelet Curtain Guide For Apartments and Eyelet Curtain Guide For Bungalows .

7) Use Sheer Curtains to feature the best parts of your home.

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In practical terms, sheer curtains are mainly used to block out intense heat without compromising natural sunlight and the view outside your room. It can also block wind, dust, insects and noise while giving you a bit of privacy during the daytime.

But from a visual perspective, sheer curtains are mainly used as supporting design elements that can enhance a room’s liveliness, give it character and complete its style.

However, most people don’t know that sheer curtains are also the perfect framing device. Sheer curtains do a fantastic job featuring the beautiful view outside your window. However, once you view sheer curtains as a picture frame, you can turn the window into an artwork.

You can place wooden carvings and pictures on the window still, place tall potted plants on the floor by the side of the curtains, or place a table with a table lamp between its frame. You can also place your curtains in unexpected areas to utilise its framing advice. For example, some people hang sheer curtains over a closed alcove in their house to feature artworks, while others hang sheer curtains over the beds with a canopy to create a more private and comfortable space. You can even hang sheer curtains on your balcony or gazebo to create your own comfy, safe space.

While standard curtains can be used the same way, there’s just something about its light and gentle fabric that naturally draws us to sheer curtains.

Maybe its transparent nature gives the curtain a hint of mystique. Or maybe, because they are often used as a secondary curtain layer, we expect sheer curtains to lead our eyes towards something big or significant.

Either way, you should use this expectation to your advantage.

source from Pinterest

8) Pooling vs above the ground.

Usually, most sheer curtains are hung just above the floor by about 5cm. This is because most sheer curtains are white. When they are dragged along the ground over time, they will get dirty quickly.

However, you can also pool your sheer curtains on the ground. This style was popular during the 18th century as it gave a flowing, graceful effect. This traditional style has been seen once in a while recently, so if you would like a more traditional look, you can try pooling as well. Just make sure you wash your sheers often.

There is so much we can do with sheer curtains: playing with colours and patterns, adding tiebacks and fairy lights and playing with hanging styles. While these are popular trends, they are not strict guidelines to follow. Rather, they are ideas to get you started!

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Ultimately, you have the vision of your dream home and know what works best. It is up to you to explore and bring your ideas to life.

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