What Else Can You Do With Curtains?

Hello! I am Angela. Probably some of you already know me from my Instagram account @x.x.angela. For those who don’t, that is my Instagram profile and please follow me. (self-promotion is acceptable here, right?). From now on, I will write here regularly. If you like my writing, please personally message me. It will keep me motivated 🙂

Let me tell you something, I love binge-watching YouTube. That is where my unnecessary random facts (wisdom) come from 🙂 YouTube is awesome. You know where I learnt to cook? YouTube. How did I open my room’s door when I locked outside? YouTube too. It is such a life safer. Anyway, recently I stumbled upon a very interesting video about DIY clothes transformation. The youtuber, April, apparently used a plain looking curtain and transformed it into a wearable yet beautiful dress. If you are interested to watch it here is the link below:


Yep. Basically, the whole video is her describing the whole sewing process of cutting and sewing fabrics. I don’t really understand but watching her video is really satisfying, (especially when you have loads to do at office). LOL. If you think her video is too long, you may skip it till the end to see the end result. Then you will understand what I am talking about.

Then my curiosity was piqued. I ended up dig a little more on what people can make out of curtain. Guess what, a wedding dress! This youtuber who coincidentally named April too, has transformed white curtains and top that she bought from thrifted shops into a gorgeous wedding dress. I personally will not wear this kind of dress in my wedding day, because I don’t like the design not because I think her work is bad. but I admit the dress is gorgeous indeed. And the whole project cost her like what, $15?

DIY!! BOHO Wedding Dress! made from thrifted curtains! under $15

But seriously though, I am so jealous of people that can be this creative. And the amount of effort they put into this sewing project. woah. their dedication is admirable. If it was me, I would probably get tired in the midst of the process then give it up completely. who would have thought of wearing a dress made from curtain? So next time when you have nothing to wear, take a glance into your curtain. Maybe you can make something out of it 🙂

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