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I think not many people actually know that I actually graduated from a Fashion Marketing and Management course. Yes, such course does exist. 🙂  so, it’s safe to say I am actually quite knowledgeable in fabric material 😉

Also, since we live in Malaysia choosing the right fabric can be challenging because of our weather. It is like summer all year long. We definitely want clothes (and curtain) that is cooling suitable for panas gila perfect weather. So what are the best fabric to use here?

3. Silk Unlike cotton and linen which are vegetable fiber, silk is a protein fiber. Silk, while it is not the most breathable fabric is still an option to use for hot weather, silk has the softness and lightest fabric and tends to adjust to your body temperature. Thus, it is okay to layer it with other fabrics. Also, because silk reflects light with shimmering appearance, it adds a luxurious feel to clothing and curtain. So if you are feeling a little bit extra, go for silk 🙂

4. Rayon Rayon is actually a manmade material from natural cellulose, like wood pulp, cotton and other natural synthetics that has been chemically processed in order to create fiber. It absorbs humidity and breathable. Also it has similar feel like silk, but in inexpensive price point. The only downside though, it is not as strong as other natural fibers. Thus require for extra care.

1. Cotton Cotton is a soft fiber that spun to create a thread or yarn. The main characteristic of cotton, it is soft, durable and comfortable. Making it’s the most perfect material to use on summer as the material will absorb the resultant moisture. Cotton can be used for curtains and blinds as well. Reason being it is ideal to keep out the col air from window, and is a cheaper alternative to natural fabrics like linen.

2. Linen Linen is another popular material that to use in hot and humid weather. It is made from fibers of flax plant. Better than cotton, it is twice as strong, absorbent, but dries faster than cotton as it has huge amount of air porosity holes. Linen material is easy to take care of, can be wash in own machine or professionally wash. That is why it is a favorite material for curtains too.

5. Chambray Chambray is a plain weave fabric which is very similar to denim but lightweight, breathable thus will keep you cool in humid weather. If you like denim, but feel it is to heavy to wear on hot days, chambray makes an excellent alternative. Popular used on shirt material, you will feel much more comfortable using chambray than denim.

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