How to Decorate Your Home?

Curtain is often overlooked in designing home. However, choosing the right curtain will help enhancing the interior. Also, Hari Raya is approaching soon, and if you have not planned how to decorate your home, here are some inspirations to spice up the room.  

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Mismatching two different colors  

Mismatch two different colors of plain curtain on same window although sounds crazy but it will make a statement in a neutral tone living room. Tip: try getting two different curtain colors that are in close hue.  If you are unsure of what colors look best together, white is always a safe option.  


Leave an impression using pattern  

The trick does not only work on colors. You can also mix two different pattern on the same window. it adds a stylish yet sophisticated touch in to the room. Tip: try using bolder color to add a pop color in a neutral room.  

source: Pinterest


This bright curtain Add a bout of elegance to the space without being extreme. Tip: try getting brighter gradient color to brighten the room. It will make a small space feel so much bigger  


Adding Texture 

Give this simple DIY project a try by sewing thin curtain with another piece of fabric. definitely add more personal touch to the room. Tip: get creative! Think it is as a sewing project, make it fun.



opt for black colored curtain on white living room. the curtain usually made of a thicker fabric, which help ensuring your privacy. also, it blocks sunlight perfectly, hence to help you sleep better. tip: black and white only can be quite monotonous. try add a bit of color by placing flowers or colorful table lamp. 


Don’t be afraid of color 

Be bold. These bold colors like bright red or orange to add quirky décor of the space. Tip: opt for neutral of soft color for the rest of living room’s décor. Keep it simple and clean. Otherwise it will look messy and tacky, which is what we are trying to avoid. 


Stripes curtain

Play up stripes pattern in your home. The stripes instantly announce the significance of the room.

Tip: hang it high. It gives taller room illusion.


Cutout blind curtain

This one personally is my favorite. Maximize your bedroom by changing your curtain into cutout blind curtain. It instantly turns your window into night time, as though you are living in a penthouse above a large city.

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