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 ‘Home is where the heart is’. I find this idiom to be very true for it is so common that I say to myself “I can’t wait to get home”. A home is not limited to a bungalow in the most expensive address with a swimming pool or one with gigantic pillars and sky-high ceilings. Home is what you dream it to be and that you would actually miss going back to.

There are a couple of things I would pay attention to when it comes to crafting my home. If I have to give it a word – it would have to be space. That said different strokes for different folks. There are homeowners who finds clutter, cozy. Probably because everything is within reach without having to move much, most things are within reach with just a stretch. Whilst for the other kind of breed such as I – compartmentalizing to achieve space resulting an organized home is to me, a luxury. Imagine being able to locate everything you need when you need it at a snap of a finger is Oh-la-la-la.

Zeroing down to details I would now take you in from the driveway. I for one am always attracted to wide driveways opposed to the narrow ones. Makes life way easier when I need to get my laundry sun-kissed or when unloading groceries – less chances of breaking eggs from its tray! One less headache of having to move your second car around if having it parked side-by-side gets too tight. Something seriously worth considering for long term.

On entrance doors, I’d prefer a swing-open double hardwood door that gives me an option to lock one side when the other is not required. Having the option to open the other side, comes in handy when I want to bring in or out big items like the washing machine, a couch or a big potted plant. Easier maintenance compared to sliding ones that comes with sophisticated mechanisms. If swinging it gives squeaky noise, just a WD-40 spray on the hinges will solve the matter. Given the right kind of hardwood that could weather the weather your entrance door could last a lifetime.

Since we are talking wood, I would alert homeowners to perform termite treatment without excuse – whether the area you are living in is termite prone or not. Especially if you fancy real hardwood flooring. Your neighborhood/ neighbor’s condition is something you can never control as well. What I’m saying is, if your neighbor catches a termite bug, you might very likely catch it too. Besides, believe me when I say you can’t run away from wooden furniture because they are Oh! So pretty. Wooden furniture or fixtures somehow softens and does miracle to the home atmosphere. One saving grace for hardwood lovers though, is vinyl flooring. Over the years, vinyl flooring has become increasingly attractive and popular for its variety and beauty. On an average it is easily 50% cheaper than hardwood, comprising of usually 75% pre-consumer recycled waste that’s an ease to maintain and doesn’t attract termites! Anti-termites mission accomplished!

The next assignment is and will always be my focus, because it should be the most inviting space next to my bedroom. It’s the living area and the sofa. Here, a high-quality material sofa is necessary. I refuse to be penny-wise pound-foolish simply because it will be the first and last thing I hit every single day. A piece of furniture where I rest, I read, I eat, I welcome guests, I create memories and the list goes on, enough to proof a point. Therefore, soft real fabric is an essential because leather gets sticky and synthetic ones traps heat. Other important features I look out for are stain-free fabrics with non-toxic chemical dyes. Why am I so adamant? Because chemical dyes are toxic and toxic means nasty and harmful to my family’s health. Design and color choice is subjective to individual taste but for a piece of lasting furniture, I would opt for safe colors like the varied shades of grey and tan tones. And then, beautifying with bold patterned colorful cushions for occasions, or just for the fun of it.

On my window, a double curtain is functional. Times where I want sunlight shining in but with a little privacy I would draw the sheer and when the weather gets exceedingly hot I would draw both the sheer and the outer layer curtain. This helps in saving electricity usage because a good pair of curtains help dissuade heat thus, making cold air circulate faster without having to blast the engine.

For bedrooms, I would urge you to apply the same mentality regarding fabrics used on curtains and single armchairs or fabric benches or ottoman. More so, because these rooms are where you sleep, where your organs rid toxin and your body rejuvenates. Last thing you want is for this process to backfire because you and your precious ones are breathing in nasty chemical air. Have a few potted Sansevieria (snake plant/ mother-in-laws’s tongue) at the corners or table top for it is believed to absorb excessive amounts of  carbon monoxide, emits oxygen and filters other toxins from the air.

Home planning and décor is a fun process. Pretty straight forward given enough thinking process. Planning this out when you are at ease is a plus because there is clarity in the mind and we tend to be more reasonable when we are in this state-of-mind.

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