Get started with these 12 Latest Trending Curtains Fabrics of 2023
by Kristen Phang

Customers are spoilt for choice when they go curtain shopping. It is easy to find curtain fabrics made from different materials, colours, weaving patterns and designs. You will have no problem finding a few options for any environment. 

However, you may need help narrowing down your choice from dozens of curtain fabric collections.

In this article, let’s help you narrow your search by looking at the reasons why these 12 curtain designs and collections are trending. By looking at these bestsellers, you will better understand the options that you have and get a better picture of your dream curtain.

Who knows? One of these collections may have the curtain fabric you’re looking for.

Mikado Collection

Cleopatra - A Royal Metallic Collection

Cleopatra Collection

Like the powerful Egyptian queen, the Cleopatra collection masters the art of simple, eye-catching elegance. This collection was formed with a combination of metallic tones together with a marble texture, giving off bright cool tones with an ancient yet sacred aura. Pieces with silver highlights provide the fabrics with a shine resembling flowing mercury.

Cleopatra fabrics are thick, opaque and durable, allowing it to create a controlled environment where you can focus on work or relax for your royal rest. This collection would look great in bedrooms, living rooms, waiting rooms, offices and industrial interiors. 

Sulkana - Ruling Luxury with Silky Polyester and Rustic Tones

Sulkana Collection

Sulkana Geomana offers 15 polyester curtains weaved tightly with the finest thread to produce the softest and silkiest curtains, which create an aura of grace and elegance in any room. They also have a lovely colour collection with colours such as Gold, Rose and Chartreuse to accompany their gentle nature. Furthermore, because they are made of polyester, these easy-to-maintain curtains provide a more affordable fabric alternative compared to expensive silk.

Aside from silky curtains, Sulkana has 15 other fabrics under Sulkana Rotana. These fabrics have the same dense weaving patterns as Sulkana Geomana. However, instead of producing a smooth, soft cloth, Sulkana Rotana has a texture similar to worn fabrics because it uses threads of different complementary colours and thicknesses. This rustic vibe and its earthy colour palette elevate the colour tone and vibrancy, giving off a lively, casual and comfy aura.

Regardless of which style you choose, Sulkana fabrics have excellent colour retention and industry-grade durability, which means the quality and vibrancy of your fabrics will last for quite some time. 

Delegate - Classic Solids with A Twist

Delegate Collection

Delegate is an excellent collection that provides classic and attractive solid-colour curtains. However, what makes this curtain collection and design a bestseller is its three weaving styles. Each style has its own thread density. For example, Delegate Agent has a tight weaving pattern, forming a durable duo-tone curtain. In contrast, Delegate Nominee has a looser thread density but has a more colourful thread to elevate the main colour’s vibrancy.

Regardless of which Delegate fabric you choose, the beauty of this collection is that it does everything to enhance the fabric’s natural colours, which support humble and minimalist designs.

Day Break: Breaking a New Day with Rustic Sheets

Daybreak Collection

While most curtain designs for sheer tend to have solid white or light grey colours to capture their gentle elegance, the Day Break collection is an explosion of colour. If you like exploring different colours for your sheers, this collection has 38 coloured fabrics. If you want more shade for your curtains, you can choose the darker shades of grey in the collection if you prefer more shade or one of the pastel sheers like Sunshine, Petal or Sky designs.

But what makes Day Break different from other fabrics is its grainy texture. Day Break is made of voile: a mixture of linen, cotton and polyester. Because of the different kinds of thread used, the thread lines are visually broken, forming a glitch-like pattern. This gives the smooth cloth a more natural and casual feel.

Day Break fabrics are also extremely light because of their higher thread count. However, it is heavy enough not to be blown away wildly by the wind. Instead, the soft cloth flows like water with the wind while staying in place. 

Flo - Colourful Translucent Curtains

If you love adding colour to your sheers, you will adore the Flo collection. Not only do these sheer curtains have tightly woven polyester that flows gracefully in the wind, but they also have 130 colour choices! This collection has rich tones, muted tones, earthy colours, oceanic palettes, bright neon colours and more.

While most of the colours look opaque at first glance, they give off a lovely translucent hue when hung against a glass door or a window and folded neatly into soft pleats.

This collection is perfect for homeowners who love trying new styles for different occasions. Just note that the coloured sheer may become a light filter for your room. While you can use a cool blue light filter to your advantage, it may clash with the colour of your walls and floor. Darker shades of colour will also lead to darker shades for your curtains.

Caspian - As Graceful as A Swan

Snow Collection

While it may be fun to experiment with sheer curtain colours and textures, some people just want a classic sheer because it captures an aura of elegance, grace and feminine beauty that is simply unmatched.

If you want classic sheer curtain designs, you should look at the silky Caspian collection. Caspian fabrics are also made of polyester, which is super soft. Fabrics in this collection shimmer in the sunlight, giving your sheer curtains a touch of life when it shines like bells in the sun. Also, since they are made of pure polyester, the silky curtains are easy to maintain.

If you want more elaborate details or embroidery in your classic sheer curtains, there are also detailed pattern options like stripes and wood textures. Patterned sheers will maintain the fabrics’ classy style while adding personality. 

Dolce Vita - Subtle Patterns with Variety

Dolce Vita Collection

Oftentimes, people would use lace or add embroideries to add layers of sophistication to their sheer curtains. However, adding patterns to sheers can also achieve the same effect.

Dolce Vita has many unique pattern choices, such as geometric shapes, plants, patches, textures, tiger stripes and even brush strokes! What makes their stone-coloured collection extra special is how they weave their pattern into the cloth: they use threads of different colours, thicknesses and materials. So, when they are hung by a window, not only do you see an elaborate and elegant pattern on your curtains, but they will also cast a shadow of that same pattern.

Note that each cloth has varied thicknesses, so before you purchase any of them, hold them by a window to check if they provide the amount of shade you desire. There are even a few opaque options if you want a lovely thick curtain with intricate shapes. 

Tropico - Bringing Nature Back Home

Tropico Collection

Graphic prints have mostly fallen out of fashion; however, nature prints have remained popular, partially thanks to the Scandinavian interior design trend.

By adding a plant or nature-themed elements to a room, its mere presence can bring life to what would be an otherwise stale room. Just look at the fabrics in Tropico! The bright colours and plant motifs give your eyes a refreshing burst of energy. The designers of this collection paid careful attention to the colour choice and pattern composition. Moreover, they ensured the graphics were high quality to create such beautiful silky curtains. Even from a far distance, you can see a flower filament or the tip of a fern. Regardless of what is outside your window, these patterned curtains will complement your view and bring nature indoors.

Super Sonic - Classy patterns with Metallic Shades

Super Sonic Collection

If you want natural or subtle patterns for your curtains, Super Sonic provides more textured-based patterns for sheer fabrics. This silky polyester collection with a metallic colour scheme uses more natural ways such as furs, cracks, oil stains and wood. With this collection, you can add a more relaxed, natural look to your curtain that brings life to a room without compromising the elegant or modern colour scheme.

Because of its uncommon pattern choices and metallic colour palette, these curtain fabrics contribute a unique aesthetic that will catch the eye of your visitors. They pair well with contemporary, Scandinavian and industrial designs.

Sleepover - Tatami-Styled Blackout Curtains

Sleepover Collection

Our Sleepover collection is a trendy choice among our customers. While they seem plain at first glance, a closer look shows how the multicoloured threads were woven into tight cross-hatched patterns, giving the cloth a rough and bright earthy look. These durable fabrics are the perfect blackout curtains for living rooms and bedrooms. It also fits casual and rustic interiors such as cottage core, nautical, beach, and industrial designs.

Our dyed fabrics only use natural products, which means they are free from harmful chemicals, making them family-friendly for pets and children. It’s safe enough for them to rub their faces into the soft curtain fabric. The polyester material is light and robust, making it the perfect classic curtain for your home.

Headline - Classic and Colourful

Headline Collection

At first glance, this Headline collection looks plain. However, it certainly makes up for it with a collection of 78 colours! Headline offers an impressive range of colours, with varied colour tones and values for each colour. You can choose clean neutral colours like Marzipan, bright fabrics like Canyon, or calm tones like Orchid. With this collection, you can find a colour that perfectly suits the rest of your room.

The Headline collection has also passed many fire redundancy tests, durability tests and colour tests, which means that your fabrics will retain their high quality for a very long time.

Night Owl - Providing Options for a Good Night’s Sleep

Night Owl Collection

If you are looking for a good night’s sleep, you should look into one of the many blackout curtains from the Night Owl collection. These fabrics are currently one of the thickest curtains in our collection, with a thickness of 300gsm. (Most curtains weigh between 150gsm to 300gsm.) The fabric’s hefty thickness blocks out most environmental factors, including strong sunlight, intense heat and dust. It can even dampen loud sounds outside your window.

While they are made of 100% polyester, headline curtains have a texture similar to velvet. Its fullness and volume and its soothing cool colour palette make the room feel super comfy. The Night Owl collection also has different fabrics to suit different sleeping needs. So, whether it is to block out noise or create a dark environment, there is a collection of fabrics that fit those needs.

Curtain shopping can be overwhelming and time-consuming if you don’t come in prepared. But now that you have browsed through a few collections, you have a better idea of your options and what you can explore. So, before you go on your next shopping trip, list the qualities and needs of your ideal curtain. Take a few sample photos with you. With these two things, you will be able to find the best fabric for you in a quick time!

If you would like to purchase any of these collections or look at more fabric options, you can browse through Acacia Fabric’s online catalogue here.

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