Elevated & Simple: Curtain Designs to Enhance Your Home

What does the word ‘simple’ mean to you? For some it could mean something ‘straightforward’ and ‘uncomplicated’. For others it could mean something ‘plain’ and ‘basic’, either in its nature or its design. Take for example a simple plain white canvas.

Nevertheless, what if someone told you simple did not have to mean plain, but was rather an adjective describing a concept marked by purpose and intentionality? Often described as ‘minimalism’, this definition strives to remove distractions and configure focus on things one values most.

These concepts of simplicity and minimalism and their entailing relationship with each other can be translated into how one designs a home. Or their office. What is the designing purpose of your home? Is it to ‘wow’ your guests with its sleek design and sharp edginess? Or do you want it as a safe haven for you and your loved ones? Both purposes are important and valid when deciding the overall designing purpose of your home.

However, it is to be noted that not everyone has the means (or the time) to dive full-fledged into making your designing purposes for your home or office a reality. Sometimes concepts such as simplicity can be hard to achieve. Fabrics of your couch and your curtain have to match. The layout of your furniture has to be meticulously planned, without making it too simple that it looks sad and bare or too monotonous that the overall effect is dull and boring.


Nonetheless, there lies one method where one can channel your design purpose in all its simplicity; the mother of all drapes and fabrics; the one item all households need: the one and only: curtains.

Curtains are the best medium for channeling simple living. By using a simple curtain design from Acacia Fabrics, home and business owners can draw attention to other parts of your house. Draw attention to what you value the most in your home. It can even make your house appear bigger and larger than it is as simple curtain designs can elongate your windows.

Furthermore, moving forward in this simple route of design has its relaxing qualities. Think about it. Rather than a dizzying and distracting curtain design with complicated patterns or an unappetizing texture, simple design options can enhance the ambience of your home or office making it look elevated and inviting, helping you achieve that minimalist look.

Knockout / Collection
Tropico / Collection


Nevertheless, for all the talk of simple curtain designs, what does this actually mean? As highlighted above on the relationship of simplicity and minimalism, this can mean selecting a design that is removed from distractions. Defining distractions are subjective and thus unique to each home or business owner. This can mean a simple block colour or a singular texture or pattern on your curtain.

Here at Acacia Fabrics there are approximately 19,000 fabric options for one to choose from. Simplicity here ranges from the texture of your fabric to the colour of your curtain to block patterns and shapes.

For example the ‘Sultan’ and ‘Knockout’ collection features solid colour designs from a rich template of colour options to suit the different tastes of customers. Such solid simple colour designs are perfect for those who envision simplicity as these colours are rich and can help draw attention to other elements of your house; such as a feature wall or an interesting couch layout.


Acacia Fabrics also possesses uniform pattern designs such as ‘Metallica’ in its inventory, with its thick metallic velvety texture to complement your home living. Customers can also opt for its ‘Tropical’ collection that features (yes you guessed it) green curtains with plant motifs to work alongside your design purpose for your home.

If your design tastes cater for the intentionality of purpose translated as the language of minimalism, you can be sure that Acacia Fabrics has the perfect simple curtain design options to cater for your needs.

Style however is not without functionality as Acacia Fabric designs are environmental friendly textiles that are strong and durable. Fabrics are internationally accredited so customers can relax knowing their curtains are not only stylish but safe for their home and offices.

Form / Collection
Mont Blanc / Collection


Knowing that one never has to compromise style and function, be rest assured that your ideal notion of simplicity can be catered to at Acacia Fabrics, your trusted household brand for quality fabrics.

It may be cliche to advance this notion, but simplicity as a goal in designing your home can be a sensible yet fun idea when designing your home or your office. Do not be afraid to go with the straightforward and the basic as sometimes simple is the best way to go. Ensuring your curtains are simple yet stylish can go a long way to achieving this goal. Minimalism is not a difficult notion to accomplish.

Life is already complicated; make it simple with Acacia Fabrics’ design options for your curtains, where our passion for fabrics can truly make your home or office the minimalist elevated design haven you envision it to be.

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