Elegance and professionalism with Acacia Fabrics in Malaysia
by Wong Jo-Hann

Vorhang Concept- Curtains and Acacia Fabrics

At Acacia, we offer only the most premium of fabrics. Deep within our headquarters, robust yet comfy threads are exclusively selected and expertly woven together, creating marvellous art pieces of refined and intricate quality.

Good quality material speaks for itself, as the colour and pattern of the fabric remains steadfast and visually appealing for many years to come. It is longevity at its best.

Everyone deserves to experience comfort and serenity in their own home. We make this our priority. We ensure that the fabrics that you and your family sit on are completely safe. This means that there are no harmful finishes nor any nasty chemicals within the fabric. Every inch is extensively tested by the trusted OEKO-TEX and LABOTEX system, ensuring that the fabrics go above and beyond international standards.

With a multitude of collections to choose from, we are a favourite among designers, who utilize our vast palette. From deep and piercing shades of enveloping maroon to the light and youthful tones of baby blue, the dream space that one desires to create can easily come to life. With Acacia, even the wildest of imaginations can become a sure reality.

Our client Vorhang Concept believes in our textiles. The experienced interior design company based in Petaling Jaya creates elegant and alluring atmospheres with our fabric, taking into consideration the colours, textures and lighting of an environment. For 15 years, they have specialized in transforming over a thousand homes and offices by selecting the most suitable curtain and wallpaper accompaniments.

Like Acacia Fabrics, Vorhang Concept agrees with professionalism, beauty and admirable service.

Check out their classy Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CEalArXnDo7/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Vorhangconcept/

Or visit https://www.vorhang.com.my/

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