Hello again! So today I am going to share my favorite tool to edit my photo before I upload it to Instagram 🙂

Here are a few apps I use to edit photo on my phone. But today I am going to focus on….

Meitu. It is a very, very well known app for editing. I have been using this app since I was in high school. but it was only available as computer app, and language is limited to Chinese only. Now they have upgraded by developing a phone app and available in different languages. So much more convenient.

There are a lot of things you can do with Meitu. Like edit your face smaller, erasing your pimples, etc. I usually use this app when my photo is taken in bad angle but I kinda like the photo. Contradicting, I know.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

This is the interface of Meitu app. pick “Beautify” option to start the magical experience of Meitu

Meitu offers a wide range of photo filters with auto beautifying effect, like slimmer and skin smoothing. Here is one example. I am using photo of Lisa Blackpink (not like she needs filter anyway).

So beautiful. Yes.

There are other things you can do using this app..

but today I am only going to focus on “body shape” tool.

pick the “Body Shape” tool. It has sub-categories of Leg, Curve, and Lines. Leg is to elongate and slimming your legs. Curve focuses on body and shoulder slimming. While Lines is the interesting one. You can add fake muscle or cleavage line to your photo. Hahahahha. Incredible.

Let’s start with Legs

a old photo of mine.

Let’s make me look like 170++ cm

First of all, you need to outline which part you want to elongate. Then push “Height” button to the right. If you think your legs are too long, push it back to the left.

Easy right?

Before and after comparison.

Before & After

can you see the subtle change? My legs are slightly slimmer and longer 🙂

but don’t go overboard like this guy lah. He is as tall as coconut tree omg :’)

but of course if you think your legs are to long, feel free to make it shorter or wider (I really cannot relate what kind of problem this is).

next, Curve tool.

As I mentioned earlier it is used to alter your body to make it appear slimmer or fatter.

This one is easier because it detects your body automatically.

Let’s use the same photo 😀

adjust how slim you want your body and shoulder to be. Remember push right to add more intense slimming effect, while right to reverse it.

Here is comparison photos. 🙂

slimming effect

normal photo

fatter effect

Yep. But always be careful with the line around you. The last thing you want is people pointing out why the line around your body senget because of the edit.

As for the Curve tool…… it adds shadow to your body, so your body seems to have abs, and cleavage.

pick the abs type you want, and adjust the position.


Before and after photo

her abs is more obvious now 🙂

now move on to other photo….

same as above, pick the type of cleavage you think is suitable for her.

what do you think? 🙂

before and after.

Okay, I think that is all about today’s tutorial. I will explain about other tools next time 🙂

now move on to other photo….