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Acacia Curtain Video Channel Couch and Sofa Fabric, Impress Your Date as a Home Decor Rocket Scientist We tend to try hard when it comes to dating. Having lack of conversation topic? Hey! Fret not. As an industry leader in fabric and textile distribution, we are here to assist you on selecting fabrics that are […]

Zero Waste Management

When I was handed the task to write about zero waste management, I got mixed feeling. Happy, of course, as finally this topic getting more popular. But at the same time, I doubt if I am the right person to write about this. I cannot put my 4-year trash into a small jar but […]

Channel Videos

Acacia Curtain Video Channel Feel So Good With Acacia by AcaciaCurtain.Co, Langsir Eropah Terkini Outfit Of The Day by Angela, AcaciaCurtain.Co, Langsir Eropah Terkini Zero Waste Management by Angela,  AcaciaCurtain.Co, Langsir Eropah Terkini Sudut Inspirasi April 2019 “Fotografi”, AcaciaCurtain.Co, Langsir Eropah Terkini Rusniza, Misi Mencari Langsir Terkini, AcaciaCurtain.Co, Langsir Eropah Terkini […]

Something About Types of Fabric

Heyaaa! I think not many people actually know that I actually graduated from a Fashion Marketing and Management course. Yes, such course does exist. 🙂  so, it’s safe to say I am actually quite knowledgeable in fabric material 😉 Also, since we live in Malaysia choosing the right fabric can be challenging because of our […]

How to Decorate Your Home?

Curtain is often overlooked in designing home. However, choosing the right curtain will help enhancing the interior. Also, Hari Raya is approaching soon, and if you have not planned how to decorate your home, here are some inspirations to spice up the room.   source: Pinterest Mismatching two different colors   Mismatch two different colors of plain […]

What Else Can You Do With Curtains?

Hello! I am Angela. Probably some of you already know me from my Instagram account @x.x.angela. For those who don’t, that is my Instagram profile and please follow me. (self-promotion is acceptable here, right?). From now on, I will write here regularly. If you like my writing, please personally message me. It will keep me […]

Heartaches of ready made curtain

Sometimes we just love to diy (do it yourself) stuffs. The experience gained from doing something yourself and getting that pat in the back at the end of the day is rewarding.  I have friends that bought their condos in their early 30s and spent the whole weekends doing up the home and you could […]